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Hello guys,

I would like an advice about the best version of Msn messenger using webcam and videocalls.

In the last version of the program (2010 and 2011 live) you don't have options... only videocall option available.

Using an old version (as the 8.5 for example that I'm using now), sometimes when I try to send an invite to open

the webcam of a friend, it says automatically tha the refused my invite.

What is the best version in your opinion to use that have both options?

Thanks in advance!!!!!!

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First off, did you make sure to ask the friends if they have the feature turned on to accept invitation for Webcam invitations? Did you try with multiple chat partners?

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All my friends have all their features on to accept. Maybe a problem of incompatibility among different version of the program.

Anyway, I´m lookin for a version with both options (webcam and videocall) and possibly stable.

If u know some different program that is compatible with msn, I can eventually use it...the most important thing is to have the 2 options available.


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