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Windows 7 SP1 on the Way to RTM


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With the Release Candidate Build already available for download to the general public, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is heading to the next development milestone, namely RTM (released to manufacturing).

Of course, Microsoft has yet to confirm any actual details about the RTM of Windows 7 SP1, but the upgrade is cooking over in Redmond, have no doubt about this.

Rich Reynolds, general manager of Windows Commercial Product Marketing at Microsoft revealed at the start of this month that Windows 7 SP1 RTM will be available to customers no later than March 31st, 2010.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Rich for a face-to-face, but unfortunately he had nothing more to add regarding the RTM and general Availability milestones for Windows 7 SP1.

Additional Microsoft employees that I've talked to this month have also not been able to shed any light on whether Windows 7 SP1 will be released to manufacturing by the end of 2010, as some reports indicate.

But in all fairness, expect Rich, the other Microsoft employees had very little to do with the Windows division, and I wasn't expecting very much from them.

According to a third-party source that was right before on the evolution of Windows 7, SP1 is now up to Build ‎7601.17508.101104-1835. The same source indicates that Build 7601.17508.101104-1835 superseded Build 7601.17511.101114-0029.

Both releases are reportedly part of the Windows 7 SP1 RTM branch, but neither has been confirmed by the software giant, officially or otherwise.

If it turns out to be genuine, Windows 7 SP1 Build ‎7601.17508.101104-1835 is a pre-RTM release which was signed off on November 4th, 2010.

While speculation indicates that Windows 7 SP1 will hit RTM by the end of this year, Microsoft has not provided any confirmation of this.

In addition to estimating that Windows 7 will be wrapped up by the end of 2010, some sources also note that the Redmond company is actually aiming for a March 2011 release for Service Pack 1.

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Nice ot hear, but love the minor typo.

"March 31st, 2010"

I was like... That passed already. =P

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Yeah I saw that. Mistake of the Softpedia editor. :P

Didn't fix it as I didn't wanted to kill the fun out it. :D

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W7 is a great product and currently has a fair amount of momentum going for it. After the Vista fiasco, many corporations are probibly waiting till SP1 to release. It makes very little scene to wait till march to release if it is already ready.

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