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WinRAR 4.00 Beta 1


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<img src="http://www.nsanedown.com/images/logos/winrarvista.png" class="logo" alt="WinRAR" title="WinRAR" />WinRAR is a general purpose archiving and compression program competing with/replacing programs such as PKZip, ARJ, and others. It offers significantly improved compression ratios, easier use and a cheaper price as well as supporting long file names, disk spanning, and self-extracting file creation.

Thanks to <font color="#FF0000">TestPoint</font> for the update.

<a href="http://www.nsanedown.com/?request=237105" target="blank">Download</a>

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Nice....waiting for it to come out of beta.


Me too... but it`s going to take some (long) time :)

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Yes, it probably will take quite some time to come out of beta. Wow, 20 changes/improvements plus 3 bug fixes. I wonder how good this new beta is.

Change 4 does sound good for Windows 7 users though:

4. In Windows 7 WinRAR will display the total operation progress

also on WinRAR icon on Windows taskbar. You can disable it using

"Taskbar progress bar" option on "General" page of WinRAR settings.

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Winrar is always more of RC than a Beta. Rock solid with some needed interface updates and it "feels" faster than 3.93. Thank God for skins on this butt ugly motha. There should be a universal standard as to alpha, beta, & rc's. I use alpha's & beta's, this is safe for daily use & the 3.93 key works. 7x86

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