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Yet another Free IT Security Magazine


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Just like Secureview (I presented it a day before yesterday here), HAKIN9 is a free, downloadable IT Security Magazine. The difference is, that you have to sign up for a newsletter, in order to download the magazine, and HAKIN9 (edited monthly) has more issues so far then SecureView.

So, here is what you can read in the November issue:


- Deploying & Utilizing Intrusion Detection Using Snorby

- Malware Incident Response – Outbreak Scenario

- TDSS botnet – full disclosure

- When XOR is your friend…

- Proactive Defenses and Free Tools

- Wuala – Secure Online Storage

- Book review: A beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking

- An analysis of the spyware threat and how to protect a PC

- Electronic Cold War

Download it here

You can also find most of the more recent issues, still available for download, here

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