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AMD x6 not posting temps


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Hi there,

I recently upgraded my motherboard and CPU to an x6.

However over clocking means doing a stability test such as prime 95. When doing this you want to check your temps.

The Temps show in the BIOS however not in SpeedFan Nor CoreTemp.

Can anyone help?

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I know a few softwares:

SIW 2010 - Freeware Version:

Site: http://www.gtopala.com/

Sharecode: siw-download.html [?]


Site: http://www.cpuid.com/

Sharecode: softwares/cpu-z.html [?]


Site: http://www.cpuid.com/

Sharecode: softwares/pc-wizard.html [?]

Hope it works for you.

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None of them are working.

I installed AMD overdrive and am able to view CPU Temp but not all the core temps :/

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Thubans features only a single diode for core temperature measuring. There are different tools that display temperatures for each core, but those tools just mirror the same temperature for all cores.

So it's physically not possible to get per-core temperature reading on those CPUs.

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Maybe it's too hot so they left out the feature so people won't get scared. :D

Nah but seriously temps for each core may not be possible as waka waka has pointed out, it's not 6 isolated chips resting on a circuit board but really just 1 huge one. Native multicore is like that, just 1 physical chip, people just got carried away with individual core temps when intel duct taped 2 separate cpus together and called it pentium D. There are usually 2 thermal sensors, on on the cpu and one on the motherboard close to the cpu or the voltage regulation module next to the cpu.

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Hmm well AMD OverDrive seems to be posting 2 temps.

CPU Temp

MotherBoard temp.

I guess that will have to do, anyway what is the max temps for a AMD X6 1090T?

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