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Lindsay Lohan Leaked Tape Used as Lure in Facebook Scam


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Facebook scammers are promising a Lindsay Lohan leaked tape to trick users into completing surveys and spamming their friends.

It's been a while since we haven't seen the name of a celebrity being abused to push malware or scam people, but sooner or later it had to happen again.

This time, it's American actress, pop singer and model, Lindsay Lohan, who scammers envision in an adult tape leaked onto the Internet.

Some messages associated with this scam even imply that there were more than two protagonists in this embarrassing homemade video.

Spammed links take users to a Public Event on Facebook, who's info reads: "Guys... dont ask how I have this video. THIS IS ONLY BEING LEAKED ON FACEBOOK."

An included shortened URL directs visitors to yet another Facebook page, called "HD Video Player," which has nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan.

It seems that whoever started this scam mixed up the landing pages. It reads "Shocking McTruth, the most talked about video on the Internet. You'll never believe this!!!" and is probably intended for one of those "You will never eat again at McDonalds after seeing this" kind of scams.

Nevertheless, the rumors of a tape featuring herself being leaked on Facebook appear to reached Ms. Lohan's ears.

According to celebrity gossip site TMZ, which claims to have asked her closest friends about it, the celebrity denied the existence of any such video.

Interestingly enough, even though this scam has been going around for at least 24 hours, the landing page is still online. So much for Facebook's crack down on spam.

As we previously suggested, Lohan is not the first celebrity to be targeted by scammers. At the beginning of August, we reported about several scams using Justin Bieber as lure.


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Who would want to watch LiLo do anything anyways? I suppose you could give the train wreck argument but other then that...?

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