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Office 2011 for Mac released


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On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the official release of Office 2011 for Mac, the latest incarnation of its popular office suite.

The widely anticipated release includes a completely reworked user interface, based on the ribbon menus that were first featured in the 2007 edition of Office for Windows; it also adds several new features, including support for document co-authoring and the inclusion of a Mac version of the Outlook mail and calendaring program, which replaces the Entourage application that shipped with previous versions of the suite.

Additionally, the new Office brings back an old favorite: macros, which can once again be written and run using Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications language. Macros are popular with power users, who take advantage of them to automate complex tasks.

Office 2011 comes in three different versions: Home and Student, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Messenger and costs $120 (or $150 for a family pack with three licenses). The base package doesn't include Outlook, which is only available with the Home and Business edition, which retails for $200 (with a "multi-pack" of two licenses available for $280), or with the Academic edition, which costs $100.

It's also worth noting that the licensing terms of the suite have changed significantly from its predecessor--a move that has caused some controversy with owners of multiple Macs. The new Microsoft Office is available at a number of retailers including Best Buy, Amazon.com, Apple, and Microsoft's own site.

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Microsoft has launched the equivalent of Office 2010 for Apple Mac computers. There are two SKUs of Office for Mac 2011 designed to cater to students, home users and business customers alike.

Mac owners that are looking for the best that the Office productivity suite has to offer on non-Windows machines can choose between Office for Mac 2011 Home & Student and Office for Mac 2011 Home & Business.

For the time being, office for Mac 2011 is localized in no less than 13 languages. The promise from the software giant is that by November 2010, the productivity suite for Mac will be offered in no less than 45 markets around the world.

Both SKUs of Office for Mac 2011 contain the same range of components, with one exception. While both home and business users will get Word 2011, Excel 2011, and PowerPoint 2011, only customers running Home & Business will be able to leverage Outlook 2011.

With Office for Mac 2011, Microsoft is including the Outlook email client with the Home & Business edition of the productivity suite.

According to Microsoft, Office for Mac 2011 Home & Student will cost $149.99 while Office for Mac 2011 Home & Business comes with a price tag of $279.95.

Office for Mac 2011 brings to the table a variety of enhancements, including: Outlook integration, Office Web Apps, Coauthoring capabilities, the Ribbon UI, a template gallery, Photo Editing, Full Screen View, Broadcast Slide Show, Sparklines, Visual Basic, Recorder Objects, etc.

Eric Wilfrid, general manager of Microsoft’s Office for Mac team notes that he and his team managed to put aside the overall Microsoft vs. Apple conflict, and worked to build the best Mac productivity suite they could.

“As someone who works at Microsoft and deals with Apple often, I acknowledge that our companies compete,” Wilfrid revealed.

“Some people choose Windows, and some people choose Mac. That conflict tends to get a lot of attention, but I deal in the reality that there are customers who love their Macs and also love using Office.”


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