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* What is Ctunnel?

Ctunnel is what's known as a CGI Proxy service, that is, I run a website based proxy on my server, and you connect to it to retrieve websites. This can be done to evade website blocking by schools, corporations, or governments, to access websites that would normally be blocked. It can also be done to protect your anonymity, so that the website you are visiting does not know who you are.

* Why should I use Ctunnel instead of some other proxy?

Unlike standard "open proxies", Ctunnel requires no special browser configuration. And unlike many proxies, cgi based or conventional, Ctunnel allows the HTTP Form Post method, which means that many websites that require logins will work with Ctunnel that will not work with the majority of free proxies. Finally, unless abuse becomes a problem, Ctunnel will also allow file downloads, whereas many proxies do not.

* Why should I trust Ctunnel?

By going through any proxy, you trust any data you send or receive to the proxy owner. To earn your trust I will be as open and honest with you as possible. See below for information about who I am and why I run this service. Open proxies may be honeypots to steal your information, or may be left open accidentally and be down tomorrow, or be otherwise unreliable. Ctunnel however, operates soley off money derived from advertising shown during the proxy session, and therefore will not be down tomorrow. Because our visitors value their privacy, it is not in our interests to spy on you, lest we lose traffic and advertising revenue. Because government subpoena could require us to hand over our server access logs, access logs are regularly deleted to protect your privacy. In short, we value your browsing experience as well as your anonymity, and would not do anything to break your trust in us.

* Who is Ctunnel

Ctunnel is administrated by Gabriel Ramuglia, owner of the Overnight PC computer repair shop located in Fairbanks, AK. I too once went to school, and didn't much appreciate being blocked accessing various websites. I also run a browser based game, Oil Fight, which appeals to people bored at school and work. Because Oil Fight is a game, it could potentially be blocked by schools or corporations. These two reasons are why I set up Ctunnel. If Ctunnel gets popular maybe it'll even make some money ;)

* How can I contact Ctunnel?

Ctunnel administrators can be reached by emailing Ctunnel [at] OvernightPC.net

Try it out

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