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Vista and Ultimate ~

Guest bobby

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Guest bobby

k guys

this is the situation

i Finnally got my windows vista, original and all but seems like is 100%in english and cant be traslated(or atleast i dont know how if someone knows then, emm will save me lots of time hah) and my family/friends who use my pc talks mostly in spanish and know like no english, lol. im not saying im that good and all but atleast i understand, anyway back on topic i was trying to find a way to translate Vista to spanish, like windows xp, and the rest of them, seems like the only way is by installing "Windows Vista Ultimate update" that means some extra cash and bla bla, im not fully interested in wasting more money on windows atm.


if i install a dled from torrents or something Windows Vista Premium Home, in spanish, and use my windows vista english version product key..

it works anyway? or i need to do something like.. a crack etc to make it work with my actual cd key..

lets say option a dosnt work then..

if i install a dled from torrents or something Windows Vista Ultimate, and use my windows vista english version product key on windows vista, and a cracked/fake/etc product key on windows vista ultimate update, the last product key will influence the windows update?, like wont autoupdate etc..! i want my pc to be as legal as possible, or atleast to "look" as legal as possible w/o spending Extra money.

k, just to resume that long pharagraph, got legal english vista, now i need a legal spanish vista, or ultimate vista =S!

it is possible?

well, thanks in advance guys

some of you guys may remember me by the name of robertovilla, or Bobby, on several formus, like verifieds or webdiscussion themed forums



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