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VERY simple question!


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It stands for KEY GENerator

It generates Keys ;)

Keys that can help the program to work much faster, better, secure with no annoying messages which makes the software love the user more, work according to his/her desires ;)

I dont want to explain further ... going for :lol:

Use this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keygen

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A keygen is a custom made program where you may enter your desired registration name and press generate to receive a valid serial # for the name you typed in.

Occasionally, the registration name is not important and you only need to click generate until you find a key that looks cool. XD

They are not very hard to make using different coding languages, but getting them to produce working keys frequently will take a great deal of skill as it requires reverse engineering and/or solving the algorithm used by the softwares author.

I'm a little shocked that you have made it to this site and forum without having ever used a keygen.

In w@r3z and cracking; the keygen is above all the most coveted and desired solution for any software; without actually paying for a retail version.

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