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Transformer's BumbleBee Destroyed by DC Police Officer


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So while filming Transformers 3, an unknowing Police Officer raced through the scene, crashing into BumbleBee. After checking to make sure everyone was okay, BumbleBee was immediately covered with a cloth so none of the children would see it.

See Transformers 3 Bumble Bee Crash Video Here

lol that must have been a shocker. I bet the audience all thought it was part of the script. I wonder if they will use that scene in the real movie. :rolleyes:

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:lol: Well, good thing he dodged Optimus. Maybe the cop was like, "woah, is that Optimus Pri... wait... oh no!... :omg: " :D

lol yeah exactly what I was thinking. Optimus Prime doesn't take shit from anyone! Bumblebee on the other-hand....

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Yeah I watched this this morning.. looked like it took everyone by surprise.. what killed me was the amount of damage done to the car.. but the SUV the cop was driving was like barely scratched... though it was knocked over several a lane.. I also noticed that first dodge like cop wasn't paying attention.. then hes cruising and smack.. Bad timing..

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