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Office web apps surpasses 20 million users


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Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that they have surpassed 20 million users on their Office Web Apps. Microsoft released their web apps in the summer, which included Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft was largely unchallenged in office document processing for many years, until Google stepped in three years ago and offered their own version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, called Document, Spreadsheet and Presentation. Google Docs became a success because it was free, online and easily tied in with your gmail account.

Google Docs currently has over 25 million users, but in a few short months, Microsoft is hot on Google's trail with over 20 million users, according to The Seattle Times.

Microsoft Office Web Apps easily integrates with your Windows Live ID and a number of online services from Hotmail, Facebook and live.com. Docs.com also integrates with your SkyDrive, which offers up to 25GB of storage, can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection.

Microsoft Office Web Apps can also be downloaded to your desktop and used with Microsoft Office, unlike Google Docs, which is strictly online. Like Google Docs, users can share documents with anyone online, allowing friends to make changes to your documents.

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