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Suggest a photo sharing/backup service?


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I'm looking for a good photo sharing/backup service to store my photo collection on to, here are my criteria and I hope you can suggest based on your own experience;

  1. It must offer some sort of free/trial account so I can test it before I decide to subscribe/pay (which I'm willing to do if I like it).
  2. For paid account there should be an unlimited storage space/bandwidth or adequately large*.
  3. For paid account there should be no limit for photo resolution/size or adequately large**.
  4. Flexible privacy controls are a must! I need to able to control privacy settings per-album AND per-photo (VERY IMPORTANT).
  5. For paid account, the ability to download photos or entire albums while maintaining original resolution is also a must.

I tried "Picase Web Albums", it's pretty easy to use and the paid account is pretty cheap BUT the privacy controls is limited since they don't offer per-photo permissions which as I said earlier is a must for me.

After searching for a bit it seems Webshots or Flickr might suite my needs but I'm not sure yet, so I'm hope someone tells me from experience, also I'm open to suggestions of other services that fit the criteria.

Thanks in advance.



*20+ GB space / 100+ GB bandwidth

**3000+ resolution or 5+ MB size

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