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Install\Uninstall Calling Associated Browser


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Is there a way to stop programs from calling the web browser? I am sick of uninstalling a program and having to wait for my browser to launch and then decline to take a f***ing survey and close it. This behavior is intrusive and takes away the ownership of my PC. Now they even take over my bowser when I install software and take me to the website I just came from to get their software. I won't even begin to tell you how I feel about almost every program cluttering my start menu with their web links, version histories, and uninstall shortcuts. I want my computers control back in my hands!

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I have changed my Start Menu and organized it manually and I maintain it because of that reason.. I have five categories and some subcategories with only the concerned Shortcuts I need and will use.. Sometimes I do it for other people as well.. but usually I won't touch it because everyone thinks differently..

Calling your browser and being initiated to start by some of these uninstallers or installers is going to be something that is written in.. and gets really complex in stopping which can also cause other functionality problems and difficulties in usability.. I have about three programs that will do this.. and I have seen others even open up ad pages and all sorts of things but those are usually malicious.. and should not be installed and should be removed..

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