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deadly shooting at virginia tech


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22 dead and 28 injured...gunman shot himself dead..... see cnn or msnbc for more university i think was Va tech

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actually there are now 32 reported dead also heres some links for you too check (though they havent been update yet seeing as this just happened a while ago)





Actual Cell Phone Footage

You know its real fucking sad what this country is coming down too, i mean we are the only country i know of that actually corrupts itself! Also why the hell arent there cops on campus at these colleges, this isnt the first time we have had a on campus shooting, you would think we would've learned our lesson back in 1966 when that guy in Austin, TX climbed up to the top of a clocktower and started shooting and killing ppl down below. Anyways my condolences go out to those who were killed and their families.

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@masterripper...not that i am telling you off so please do not take this wrong way....but the campus is 26 acres with 24 thousand students....how can you stop this without taking ALL our freedoms away....these guys that do these things do not just wake up one day and suddenly decide that they are going to run amok and get guns and kill...no there are signs for a very long time that they will do this and if anyone phoned the cops to tell them he was about to explode... every lawyer AND every reporter would be calling your country a police state and how awful it is that here is a guy that shows a bit of anger and suddenly the cops are on him wanting to take his guns away... you know what would happen to anyone who would have the balls to take guns away from someone in the America.... BEFORE he killed........the reporters are always there to ask why the cops did not take action before this type of thing happens... but ....if anyone does take preemptive action those same reporters are screaming about civil liberties taken away its a catch 22....

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i was at work when the shooting happened i didn't know any thing about this at all till i went on break and watched CNN news.

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Bah the news today.... there is no NICE story anymore. Only the worse of mankind, its selling!

"It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except

all the others that have been tried." - Churchill

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