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Hello to you all


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I just wanted to to introduce myself since I´m new on this forum.

I live in Sweden and have been using the nickname LuckySwede® for more then seven years now. LuckySwede was a gold digger who was very fortunate when it came to finding gold - but very unfortunate when it came to women.

I like to say that NSane is a very good site. I very much appreciate the fix for Nod32 amongst other things.

Keep up the good work.


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Welcome to you, if you're good enough i might share some women :) I though they were hot in sweden lol I doint know in the time of Lyckyswede but today you can get some pretty nice women with your money :P

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Welcome to the forums  LuckySwede  :welcome:

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@ Alija

The member you're welcoming posted his introduction in 2007 (two years before you joined.) :D


Et tu, tonyblair. :D

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