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I recently got 300 on a dvd rip it came in 2 avi 700 meg files, I was wondering what would yall recommend as a good avi joiner? :mellow:

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well first off, welcome to the forums, secondly, i would recommend VirtualDub, you can grab it here D/L Link if ya need help on how to do it, just do this:

1. goto video -> Compression and select either the divx or xvid (recommend xvid)

2. goto video and select "Direct Stream Copy"

3. File -> Open Video File and select the first part of the film

4. File -> Append Avi Segment and select the second part of the film

5. File -> Save as Avi

thats all, now it may take a while to join so be patient. hope that helps, if you need help with something, just ask.

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Many thanks for this and thanks for the welcome, does it also have a priority button cas if it does ill just set it to real time or mess with it in task manager.

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