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vista ultimate os


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okay i finally got my laptop today (mailed from the house). i was able to charge up battery and make 1 recovery disk (dvd +r dl). now what programs goes well with it? as in virus, firewall, spyware now days? that to include (cough) rar file working also. should i stick with security suites that do everything now?


what settings do i need to change from the defualt settings inside vista os? do i need to get the tcp patch as i had to with xp sp2?

software that is nice to way with it. as in burning kind (nero?) do i still need the mega codex pack to be able to view and play all the audio/video files still? a-120, newzleecher, unlocker, winrar etc ? did ssupdater finally get fix for vista?

laptop came with ms works. couldnt order it with that or an upgraded (costier) version. should i go with openoffice instead? do i have to uninstall works before installing openoffice? or just have both on it?

if someone's got an opinion of what software of any kind that they would add if they gotten a vista ultimate please post it. also if an rar files for that software still works in vista os.

thank you. off to get ready for another day of work over here. :)

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WHOA! Slow down man! :)

You need the basics so start there...

Get the latest updates for Vista.

Uninstall works and install OFFICE 2007 Enterprise (get a torrent from demonoid that has 14-1 types of Office Installations + Fixes).

You probably could you Adobe Reader 8.0 so you can stay up with reading your online manual to your new lappy! :)

Go online and install FireFox 3. Then for IE7 + FF get the latest, Java, Shockwave 10, Flash 9, Quicktime 7.1, Real Player Alternative 1.53. and IE Tab Plugin for FF.

Then, install Winrar 3.70 Beta 5 + 7Zip 4.44 + UltraISO (latest) -- that will cover you for handling all your rars, zips, isos, etc.

Then install antivirus like NOD32 (latest).

Unlocker 1.85.

To keep your system clean get the following:

Ad Aware Se Pro 1.06 R1 or Ad Aware 2007 Beta 4 (latest)

XoftySpySe 4.29.230

CCleaner 1.38.456

Everest (just so you know exactly what's inside for the future run a FULL test and save the output to your MYDOCS)

To keep your junkie like need for software get these:

Limewire Pro 4.13


FlashFXP (latest)

Torrent Harvester 0.7B

mIRC (latest)

To burn off that shit:

Alcohol 120 (latest)

Nero (latest)

AnyDVD (latest)

DVDFAB (latest)

I recommend 2 tools for each job on any pc b/c ultimately you find something a software sucks at or fucks up each time. :)

AnyDVD goes with Alcohol+Nero for copying stuff; DVDFAB works all by itself! :)

Also, don't forget to have fun man!

Put on a few of your favorite Gamehouse or Reflexive games just for times when you can't play games like CS2 or WOW.

For a few final suggestions:

Xilisoft Audio Converter (latest)

Xilisoft Video Converter (latest)

Adobe CS3

Batch Image Resizer (latest -- also does conversion for stuff that CS3 can't)

WinAmp (latest)

VLC Player (latest)

Skype (latest)

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 OR MapPoint (latest)

Cursor XP Enhanced v1.31

Some of you are like -- wtf Junk -- that's way too much shit.

I say you're crazy...with my software package ideas there's not much he can't do in terms of productivity or entertainment!

Hell with all this you could use your laptop anywhere anytime and have some way to even make $$$! :)

Not to mention the power of converting almost any format to something of a more desirable format.

Once you have all that done (which you can get here at your good old nsaneproductions.com) come back and I'll tell ya what else to get! :)

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Then, install Winrar 3.70 Beta 5 + 7Zip 4.44 + UltraISO (latest) -- that will cover you for handling all your rars, zips, isos, etc.

Dont see the need for WinRar + 7-zip... (Winrar addict here, has a slick vista theme)

Furthermore Junk, who's gotto slow down? :)

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The poster was like writing a frantic post and was overwhelming himself with what is best etc.

I just wanted him to have a good experience and set up his computer with precision. I wasn't telling him how to live! :)

The reason I recommend winrar+7zip is 7zip does a few archive formats that are RARE but still ones winrar does NOT do.

I am also a winrar addict and email mr. roshal quite often! :) He is what I would call an internet contact.

AND NO HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT SCENE I AM INVOLVED IN...but you would be surprised to hear about his stance on warez/piracy...he's pretty open minded! :)

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