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Lucky find in Malaysia: one million pirated discs


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KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - A whiff of plastic led sniffer dogs in Malaysia to a cache of about one million pirated game and movie discs with a street value of roughly $3 million, film industry officials said on Tuesday.

The fake DVDs were hidden along with replicating machines and other tools on four floors of an office building in the southern city of Johor Baru, neighboring Singapore.

The find was the first major success for Lucky and Flo, two female black Labradors deployed last week as part of Malaysia's

battle on illegal recordings of music and movies, said Neil Gane, an official of the Motion Picture Association.

"Lucky and Flo were able to sniff under the doors -- all the doors were locked, and many of them had metal grilles," Gane told Reuters.

"If they smelt polycarbonate, they would sit down. Then the officials used metal grinders and bolt cutters to open the doors."

Malaysia, which figures on a U.S. watch list on piracy, has dramatically stepped up efforts to rein in copyright pirates as it negotiates a free-trade pact with the United States.

The dogs are being given a month's trial by Malaysian officials in a joint effort with the Motion Picture Association, which groups six major Hollywood film companies.

First checks of computers found in the raid appeared to show they were used to host a Web site selling illegal recordings to customers in Singapore and other countries.

At least six people were detained in the raid, Gane said.

{the link was found at the MPAA site it just brought me to this site. but it's the MPAA'S work none the less it just redirected me to that site down below}

Source: reuters

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