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Is unreal or aspirin member? I have found several WORKING patches for software and posted them and other members confirm there effectiveness and yet if it does not have "unreal" or "aspirin" as the author it is ignored and not used on the front page.

Why not update the front page with a working patch?

Why leave a broken patch listed as "Not Working"?

Why not update the listing with a working patch till a "preferred" one is available?

I am confused as to why ones self would have to read through user comments to find solutions to outdated front page listings.

I do ALOT of digging to find solutions to broken listings. I don't want nor expect any credit for other peoples work. It would be nice though if by my sharing this with users, that moderators would share working solutions with you. Otherwise why bother?

Sharing is Caring!

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I count 4 patches by Unreal listed. I think you are referring to IDM 6.02 Beta where we have not updated with a working patch. That version was released yesterday - have some patience.

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We leave outdated patches so that people can keep on using the older version of the program with the older patch during the time when there is no fix available. For some programs prefer a certain fix over another fix so it could occur that there is a fix already out there that we don't know of...

Indeed it would be better to list another patch when the 'preferred' patch is not available yet, but then again if it only takes a day for a new patch to be released it might not be necessary...

If you think a certain patch should be listed and it's in a comment you could notify one of the active staff members by PM or simply wait for it to be added.

Let me end with saying that I think all of our staff members are doing a great job and all of our staff members could do something better. Pointing it out to them therefore isn't a bad thing, as long as you do it with a certain level of respect, I guess... In this particular case it almost looks like you're angry (capital words, waterfall of questions) and I don't think this is the best way, but still I'd like to thank you for thinking with us on how to improve this site (and its members).

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