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Battelfield 2 Demo Released


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All servers are filled to maximum although this was released yesterday... however FileFront seem to be the best by a lengthy margin. I was downloading at 400kB/Sec (80% of my capable speed), but this could be down to an internal cap on downloads.

The File is around 546MB in size so if you haven't got a decent connection, either wait til magazines have it on their cover discs or ask a friend to dl it for you and burn it to cd.

Samurai ;)

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I downloaded it from download.com


Someone before me wasn't so fortunate to get a connection (Prolly because everyone and thier mom was trying to download it). :coolwink:

User reviews of Battlefield 2 demo


4stars_g.gifReviewer: capncrunch2

Pros: This free demo provides hours of entertaining failed download attempts. Your pulse will rise when you read exciting messages like "Sorry! we are experiencing an unusually high volume of download requests," and "Servers are currently full."

Cons: It would be faster to get on a plane and travel to the "Gulf of Oman" vs getting to download and play this demo.

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There's a lot of corrupt files floating around the net, as in when you download them, you'll be left with a 20MB file, or 300MB file so watch out for it, and be sure that it is the full size.

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Its the right size. I did get one of those corrupt files from another site though....

There were a few on FileFront (the one I recommended :coolwink: ), Fileshack is decent but then you have to wait in a queue (was 68 minute wait when I checked yesterday).

I eventually got it from newsgroups in 20 minutes :dance2:

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  • 1 month later...

For anyone who owns the full game, the 1.02 patch has been released today fixing the buggy patch they released around a couple of weeks ago.

Hopefully this one is more stable eh! :thumbsup:

Battlefield 2 1.02 Patch

Battlefield 2™ Patch v1.01
ReadMe File
July 5th 2005

Patch Information

- Patch v1.01

Fixed in issue that caused the Multiplayer Browser to become unresponsive.

Fixed an issue where some game controls were not available to be rebound within the Options menu.

Fixed an issue with increasing performance degradation on servers.

Fixed a problem with shader caching on client/host : after the first map in a rotation, shaders would be loaded on the fly during gameplay.

Fixed a crash with rebinding LMB

Fixed a problem that caused environment mapping to not appear on reflective surfaces.

Fixed a crash that happened when a client picks up a kit that doesn't exist anymore.

Fixed a problem with AI when the game was paused for a long time: bots would become unresponsive and also shoot more accurately.

LOD distances tweaked on certain objects.

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if they havent gotten it by now. they can buy it was $34 now. thats reasonable for a good game.

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