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Google scares Priority Inbox customers with 'virus'


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Chrome users fear malware attack after strange music plays when they open their Gmail

Google has unexpectedly angered Gmail users running Chrome after an attempt to publicise its new Priority Inbox feature caused many to think they had been infected with a virus.

Chrome users opening their inboxes heard a distinctive ragtime jazz tune playing in the background, causing a mixture of panic and anger, according to many complaints that deluged the Gmail help forum.

"It sure creep me out. I thought I got some virus. Closed down all the windows, music was gone," wrote kasahmed.

"This old-time music is driving me nuts," wrote Jdubrox. "I certainly cannot use Chrome for the foreseeable future--at least as long as the music is playing. Hello my trusty old friend Firefox."

A Google employee swiftly reassured users that the firm is "working on fixing this", but it did not stop the complaints.

"What on earth are you people thinking? How much damn time do you need to get rid of that link?" wrote mwdowling. "This is worse than a talking paper clip."

The music was actually linked to a Google video playing invisibly in the background for some users, according to Sophos senior technology consultant Graham Cluley.

"Presumably it's playing invisibly for some users because of an incompatibility with the Chrome browser, which is kinda embarrassing considering Google is the creator of both Gmail and Chrome," he wrote.

At the time of writing the complaints were still piling up in the user forum.

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