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Fast food rage customer jailed


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questions. how long it took the jury to convict the witch. and did they have chicken nuggets for lunch

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was it a happy meal or value meal??? :D

Was probably an Angry Whopper! LOLL :rofl:
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finally, we've got Shought in video! :lol:


Couldn't have said it better.

What an idiot. And all that for Chicken Nuggets? :wtf:

In my defense, that was MY CHICKEN!

(I just tried to explain to them by using Morse code (short, short, long, long, weird, short, short, long, short, long, short, long, short, short, short, short, short, long, short) that normal people, like me, obviously, eat chicken nuggets for breakfast, so they should serve them. Then for some reason they smashed the window in my face, the window I was keeping opened manually because they had some kind of system failure which made it close, and I got angry, but calmed down and went in my care to look for something. I found my miniature Eiffel tower (which I have with me 24/7, it is of great value to me) and tried to offer it to them as a piece offer... As you can clearly tell it was all just one big misunderstanding.)

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Sorry to hear about that shought!

Believe nice prison you are in?- since you getting new lappy

and better luck next time!

as per saying: its not the matter of committing a crime (misunderstanding in you words), but not getting caught! :ph34r:

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