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Windows Vista "Brute Force Keygen" a hoax


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by Paul Miller

It sounded too good to be true, and it turns out it was. KezNews forum frequenter "Computer User" confessed last night that his Brute Force Keygen hack for Windows Vista is a scam.

"Fact is the brute force keygen is a joke, i [sic] never intended for it to work. I have never gotten it to work, everyone should stop using it! Everyone who said they got a key a probably lying or mistaken!"

Oddly enough, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZD Net, who we sourced the news from yesterday, claims to have found two activation keys with this method, so it's hard to tell who to believe: a confessing prankster, or a potentially duped but trusted source.

For the moment, we're going to go with Computer User's word on this one, because the likelihood that Microsoft would issue enough keys to make a random key generator at all viable for obtaining 25-character product keys is pretty dang slim.

{here's what Computer User had to say about it the one who made the Brute Force Keygen.} fact is the brute force keygen is a joke, i never intended for it to work. I have never gotten it to work, everyone should stop using it!

everyone who said they got a key a probably lying or mistaken!

i suggest everyone uses the 120 day 3x rearm method.


FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! {go to this link and read what he/she said and what others said about it KezNews.com

Anything can be defeated by common sense and shear logic!

Source: engadget

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Here's another Story.. from Softpedia.com

Windows Vista KeyGen is the latest method to bypass the operating system's activation. The workaround involves a brute force process of randomly searching for legitimate Windows Vista product[ADMARK] keys. According to the Vista KeyGen's creator, identified only as “Computer User,” the tool goes through some 20,000 product keys an hour, taking a lot of time and system resources in order to produce a valid result, that is a 25-character alphanumeric string product key.

Microsoft has downplayed the relevance and impact of the Vista KeyGen. “The attack randomly searches for legit keys. This is called a brute force attack because there really isn't much intelligence involved and the goal is to just randomly cycle through key after key after key until a legit one is found. One report indicates that the script written to perform this attack goes through about a thousand keys every half an hour; frankly, that's a pretty slow brute force attack,” said Alex Kochis, senior product manager of WGA.

However, once the news got out, and Microsoft confirmed that it was investigating Vista KeyGen, the Computer User, the workaround's creator apologized to Microsoft. Computer User stated that he loved Windows Vista, and that he would disassociate himself from the crack-project in the future. Here is the apology (the syntax is that of the author):

“For all you guys working for microsoft! If you are reading this thread. I apologize for exposing the workaround in question. but we all know its highly unlikely to ever work.

I regret the fact that it has been leaked all over the net, which i guess was to be expected.

I simply love windows vista, and i happend to stumble upon this trick. I thought mysef alittle vbscript and that was it. I guess it just happened to work although truthfully i never though it would!.

I seriously beleive that everyone should stop spreading this idea around. and stop using the brute force keygen altogether because it takes away from legitimate customers. This is why say the timecrack is better.

I also hope that all you guys at microsoft find a way to prevent people from doing this type of workaround in the future. Iguess maybe if i had been working for you guys i would have noticed this and informed you guys about it!!!!!!!

from now on i will no longer be apart of the project in the development of this tool. sorry guys

In, addition, as i have mentioned I never intended to make money of this nor will i ever. I haven't got any keys yet. I will never give anybody a key.

I strongly encourage everyone to stop using the keygen and revert back to the 120 rearm mechanism that is legal.”

I guess if M$ made a comment about the KeyGen then I dont think it is a hoax...

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