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Enemies of Filesharers


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by enigmax

{this artical is so long i just posted a small part of it. there's many more to this than just this small artical i posted to read the other part. click on the link at the bottom of this page to read the full artical}

If they aren’t shutting down your favourite torrent site and sending you infringement notices they’re filling your network with fakes, sueing you and invading your privacy. So who are the enemies of P2P and what are they doing to ruin your file-sharing experience? If you share files, it’s time to meet your nemesis.

The idea here is to give an overview of anti-p2p activity. This is by no means an exhaustive report but the aim is to give a summary of some of the companies developing a new industry - one dedicated to disrupting the activities of file-sharers.


Founded in 2001, Antipiratbyrån (APB) is a Swedish non-governmental anti-piracy group, its members consisting of representatives from dozens of Swedish media companies. APB rose to infamy in March 2005 when the police conducted an anti-piracy raid against Swedish ISP Bahnhof, only to be presented with evidence that APB themselves had hired someone to plant copyright material.

APB are well known (and most hated) for their activities in working to put ThePirateBay BitTorrent tracker offline.

Audible Magic tout themselves as a leading provider of content protection and management solutions. Of interest to file-sharers is their ‘Copysense’ identification technology, which identifies media by matching an electronic ‘fingerprint’ unique of the particular content, to that of a ‘fingerprint’ stored in their claimed 5 million-strong registered database.

It is being widely reported that Google will be employing Audible Magic’s technology to screen videos submitted to YouTube.

Silicon Valley based BayTSP trumpets its ability to identify and track infringing content on the internet and take it down. They do a lot of tracking of content distributed via the BitTorrent protocol and regularly send out copyright infringement notices (link PDF) to users via their ISP, ordering the content to be taken down.

BayTSP also claim to be able to track first uploaders of copyright works on the BitTorrent and eDonkey networks via their ‘First Source’ technology. It is unclear how this system operates but it is believed to be relatively primitive - BayTSP searches for filenames (in torrents or ed2k links) which imply infringing content and then download the content to confirm that is indeed the case.

The user’s ISP would then be contacted with a takedown demand in the usual way . The quality of the methods used by BayTSP appear suspect in certain situations.

The Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN has claimed the scalps of many small torrent sites in the Netherlands. They can be quite aggressive in their war on Piracy. One of the most used tactics is to track down the owner of the site, and send a letter stating that they face several years in prison if they don’t stop serving torrents, and expose the users.

Up until now, BREIN has not yet taken action to the bigger torrent sites in The Netherlands. Last January, BREIN won a lawsuit, and the Dutch ISP “KPN” was forced to hand over the name and address of the dutchtorrent.org admin.

Source: Torrent Freak

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Audible magic is useless if you transcode the file.

that "first source" crap sounds like exactly that. crap they are full of it, I can upload from hot spots, libraries, schools prepaid cellphones etc

and people should stop using their actual names and addresses to register these sites that pretty much fucks these bastards MPAA go screw yourself you're a dying breed you're only strength is divide and conquer, but the internet was designed to be able to keep the flow of information alive even during and after a catastrophic event


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