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uTorrent Wants Torrent Sites to Adopt Torrent Tweet


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BitTorrent Inc. has released a new App for uTorrent that allows users to find out what others people are saying about a torrent they're downloading. Users can also join the discussion and use uTorrent to tweet about torrents. With the new App, BitTorrent Inc. hopes to streamline discussions about torrents on Twitter, and encourage torrent sites to adopt the new standard to make it a success. One of the latest additions to uTorrent’s App directory is ‘Torrent Tweet’. Via the Torrent Tweet App, uTorrent users can follow relevant tweets thanks to a unique Twitter hash tag that is generated for each torrent. The hash tags are based on the torrent file’s infohash, so discussions about the same torrents can be easily aggregated.

BitTorrent’s VP of Product Management Simon Morris announced the App earlier today and hopes that it will centralize discussions about torrents that are currently scattered across hundreds of torrent sites.

“In this case we are relying on the fact that torrents are indexed not by file name but by infohash, a digital fingerprint of a file. While you might find the same torrent on dozens of different torrent sites, and get pieces of the associated file from thousands of different peers, ultimately, you can be sure that you’re going to get the torrent you want, not something that shares the same file name,” he says.

Torrent Tweet


“The infohash is a key foundation of BitTorrent – referring to content by digital fingerprint rather than just a file name is a powerful way of referring to something,” says Morris. “Its like referring to a person by referencing their fingerprints rather than just their name. There are many people in the world called ‘Simon Morris’, but my fingerprints are unique.”

“We hope that torrent sites will adopt our convention of referring to torrents using a shortened hashtag prefixed with “#bt” and enhance comments systems that already exist on torrent sites so that discussions can be accessed and propagated there and everywhere that Twitter is available,” Morris adds.

TorrentFreak spoke to the owner of KickassTorrents, who told us that he will shortly implement the torrent referral system as proposed by BitTorrent Inc. If the idea catches on, it’s only a matter of time before other torrent sites will follow.

Although it’s certainly a good idea to have a central place where people can read what other people are saying about specific torrents, we’re not sure that Twitter is the ideal form of communication. In most cases, BitTorrent users would prefer a more anonymous platform. That aside, not every BitTorrent user has or wants a Twitter account.

Although Torrent Tweet is an interesting addition to uTorrent’s App directory, a central place where all comments from hundreds of torrent sites are aggregated might be an even better idea. Perhaps that’s something for BitTorrent Inc. to think about?

For those who want to give Torrent Tweet a spin, it is available in the App directory and can be installed in the latest Griffin release of uTorrent.

Article from: TorrentFreak.

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