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Mosts Popular DVDrips on BitTorrent (wk08)


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by Ernesto

We do not link to actual torrent files for obvious reasons. The data is collected by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only.

RSS feed for the weekly DVDrip chart.

As of February 25, 2007…


Ranking (last week) Movie

1 (1) Casino Royale

2 (new) The Pursuit of Happyness

3 (2) Babel

3 (4) The Departed

4 (3) Alpha Dog

5 [8] Stranger Than Fiction

6 (new) Children Of Men

7 (new) Borat

8 (5) Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

9 (new) Hollywoodland

10 (new) The Holiday

Source: Torrent Freak

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You want to know whats funny. I have downloaded half of those. It some what hard to find good quality though i found a guy named axxo who has really good quality and they are only dvdrips. I would suggest him if your looking for some movies.

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The Departed = seen

Children Of Men = seen

Borat = seen

Hollywoodland = seen

The Holiday = seen

well, if you seen others, which ones you liked and why? I've watched most movies that been out recently. So, which movies worth the download? (if not from this list, just name them)

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