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Wii has 480p output problems?


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A thread over at the Nintendo of America forums has highlighted a potential problem with the Nintendo Wii's output of 480p signals using component cables. Over a dozen members have reported blank and flickering screens on a range of televisions from 30" Toshiba CRTs right up to 65" Sony XBR LCD TVs. The type of cable isn't limited to third party solutions from the likes of Mad Catz, Psyclone, and Joytech either: several reports indicate that the standard Nintendo component cable also exhibits the problem (no word on whether DIY will save you).

Strangely, the problem -- which Tharealfofo states is "like nothing is connected" -- occurs in similar sections of certain games and applications: several forum members have mentioned that the screen goes blank during specific sections of Zelda, the Wii Channel, and in the Opera browser.

Switching to 480i output in nearly all cases fixes the problem. The broad mix of configurations that are affected suggests that the problem is the Wii itself, so hopefully Nintendo will issue some form of update in the not too distant future. In the meantime, feel free to sound off in the comments about how being forced to view your games with interlacing is a breach of your fundamental human rights.


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