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IP Filter Updater


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I cannot find find utorrent filter updater on the site anymore

This tool always seemed to work good for me in the past

All of the links in Google are rather old

Is this tool still good to use

Where can I download the latest version

Using utorrent ver 3.0


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Here is the latest version of the IP filter that I use. The original script was introduced a long time ago by another user and I made some enhancements to it.

You need to extract the files to your %appdata%\uTorrent folder. Just type the folder path in the run box or in the address bar of any windows explorer window and it will take you to the %appdata%\uTorrent folder. If you prefer the long way then just navigate to the folder manually C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent


Click here to download the IP Filter Updater or copy and paste the url below to your browser.


After you download and extract the files just run the "IP filter updater 2.bat" file and it will download the latest "ipfilter.dat". Make a shortcut to your desktop or start menu if you want.

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Thanks LeetPirate

Works good

Glad to hear it. ;)

I always wanted to convert it into an executable installer for windows to make distribution easier but I just never got around to doing it.

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Thanks from me also LeetPirate. Seems like it has more blocked ip's than usual.....which is great.

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