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Ironic, Contradictory View On Very High Bandwidth.


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Alot of us who participate in file-sharing as it is... naturally don't get involved in the moaning about ultra-fast bandwidth in the most basic sense due to the technicality of not needing more than 3-4mb to browse the net and above all already having speeds making accessing a 700mb file being obtained within 10-45mins from server based resources. But as well as the fact that even right up until now the hard-to-find content that is certainly a fair proportion of the file-sharing activity isn't so fast - indeed quite the oppisite. e.g. eD2k, Kad, Overnet and SoulSeek.

Now taking into account the very low numbers of file-sharers compared to the rest of the Internet... you would expect the legal file-sharing would be a huge market in the most economical sense yet this is where it becomes rather obviously not the case. I don't want to give the imression that I wouldn't welcome ten's, hundreds of mb/Sec or even taking into account South Korean type of speeds - MB/Sec because I would. And I do due to the emphasis of the point I'm making. i.e. as a prominent uploader and downloader - by all means it'd be simply a very nice touch obtaining DVD's within a few mins and HD-DVD content within ten's of minutes.

The point I'd like to raise is due to Two recent articles concerning Google and a consultancy company about such points. Google's T.V. chief stating that the Internet is crap for T.V. in terms of bandwidth and Digital TX Ltd. emphasing that much more bandwidth is more or less essiential for IPTV and VOD.

Now again... who are they speaking for and indeed about? the Millions of non 'illegal' file-sharers who either don't know their way round the net, only ever bought a few songs on a legal site and aren't really motivated into doing regularly. Either because of cost or simply aren't bothered and above all aren't in the mind-set of downloading very large files or wanting to even view DVD content at their P.C. There are far to many non file-sharers who are simply not interested in obtaining their content in such a manner, primarily. Yet also the cost in such behaviour.

I simply don't see the market that they are implying indirectly or directly. As many file-sharers there are we simply get what we want when we want and would rather have the hard-copy of the file than having to stream it.

If you think about it... I don't think the South Koreans got MB/Sec because of the wanting of IPTV and VOD services (Though being the most technologically active in terms of media like the Japnese.) it'd obviously been a slight part of it for such a service of Mega-Byte bandwidth.

So... do we need companies making a case for legal file-sharing just to get lots of bandwidth or just take a leaf out of South Korea's approach to bandwidth?



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yea i know what you mean i would like to have the hard copy in my hand but at the same time have it down loaded at the same time as well. but i just wish BroadBand would come to my area. my phone company says they are trying there best. well it's been 5 years since then. with in that time i could have layed about a hundred miles of phone cable. so what's wrong with this picture. :unsure:

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