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Can Anyone Supply A ALREADY Jailbroken Ipod Touch #G iOS4 For Me PLEASE, ive heard and read alot that the user MUST have XP for the jail-breaking to Go right, Can Someone Please Give Me A iOS 4 Already Cacked Cuz When i bought mine it already had iOS 4 On it:badmood: and to make matters worse i dont have xp (meaning i cant downgrade to it because its a family PC Ya digg?:frusty:) so it seems the only viable option for me is to have an already cracked iOS 4 and use that and restore with it, PLEASE HELP ME :please: :please:

Note I Have Windows 7 Ultimate just to let you guys know, not that it will help any, please dont ignore or trash it im a desperate idiot to explore the full lengths of my ipod touch

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I'm not sure iphone OS 4 can be jailbroken as yet, last I heard they were still working on it. I suggest you join modmyi.com if anyone will have the information it's them. I can vouch for that website because I am a contributing member of their parent website modmymobile.com.

So join the forums over at modmyi.com and do some reading. ;)

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