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Filesharers Guilty Until Proven Innocent


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Research on the behavior of fake RIAA and MPAA trackers shows that these organizations have no proof that you actually tried to share infringing content. Even worse, it is extremely easy for someone to make it look like you shared an infringing file, even if you’ve never used a filesharing application.

Inspired by our previous posts on fake BitTorrent trackers, Ben Maurer decided to take a good look at the behavior of these trackers. For this research he used a BitTorrent client, and started to connect to fake torrents. The torrents were hosted by BayTSP, a company that collects IP addresses for several anti-piracy organizations.

The findings are quite shocking, but at the same time good news for filesharers who receive DMCA notices from their ISP. Ben found what some of us already expected. BayTSP only records who connects to the tracker, and has no proof that the alleged pirates actually tried to download infringing content. BayTSP merely collects IP addresses and forwards them to anti-piracy organizations. The anti-piracy then send a letter to your ISP, accusing you of sharing copyrighted material.

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Hahaha. That's awesome yet sad for people who don't download but get blamed for downloading.

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