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Guest Guest_MattSter_*

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Guest Guest_MattSter_*

Hey all :P

First, thanks very much for the Webroot Window Washer update - excellant. ;)

Second - I have been trying for a couple of days to download the ipod software

from the site. It's tells me there is a corrupted zip file. If this is the case,

could/would you fix it, if you have the time? If it's ME that's corrupted, could you

respond here and let me know, and I'll try to figure out why I can't d/l it.

Many thanks !

MattSter. ;)

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Guest Guest_MattSter_*

nsane ! ;)

Thanks for your immediate response !

I saw the `dsp' in the zip name - like 12 times - attempting to d/l and didn't notice LOL !

Thanks again nsane, you ROCK !

MattSter. :P

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