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iOS 4 draining the battery on older iPhones?


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While the iPhone 4 may be getting all the attention with its antenna issue, all other iPhones are facing another issue with iOS 4. While at first thought to be a teething issue with older iPhones and iOS 4, it appears that the new OS is thrashing battery life for previous generations of iPhones.

According to Apple support forum user Calgarystar, there is a thread on Apple’s own support forums discussing the issue. On the 31 page forum post, users are complaining that their battery life is dropping at far higher rates than with iOS 3.

While one might first think that the users are running background apps and that’s draining the battery, users are saying that they have removed all running applications with no change in battery drain. “There is something seriously wrong with this update. I have my phone in sleep for about 10 min and the battery went down 4% more.”.

There have been a wide range of potential issues from phones being stuck trying to tether to possible applications not truly being killed when taken out of the multi-tasking stage. “ I just went back in there and hung in until it connected with ATT (and told me to contact ATT if I wanted to add tethering..duh) and I hit 'cancel' and the activity finally stopped”.

The battery life issue has become far too widespread for it to be isolated to a select group of users. As Apple has yet to publicly comment on the issue and there is no known fix (for the masses), iPhone users are forced to wait for an official update to get the issue resolved.

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