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Ok I just bought this pc, all stock gateway with dual 2.8 ghz processors, intel, graphics media accelerator, and a 260 gb hd, I had planned tp get a nvida video card this weekend, its been running great and Iam very happy with it. But yesterday I started to get this damn error, Error message: STOP 0x000000EA THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER, so I did all it said to do, after it rebooted it self lol, checked up on all the info, found the driver after a long search and installed it. And dont ya know, I get that error again, whats funky about all this is that it only happens after I have emule running. Yes I love my mule lol, its how I get movies. So I either find a fix, or dont run the mule. I have to run the mule lol. So, do any of you fine folks know of a way to fix this?. It seems like a video driver, from all I have read, so then, why crash when running emule. I dont get it.

Oh yeah, you guessed it, Iam running Vista.

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