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Need help with sharing files between Windows Seven and virtual XP


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Hi, guys! How you doing? I'm using Oracle VM VirtualBox (former Sun xVM VirtualBox) and I'd like to share files from my computer with Windows Seven Enterprise X64 to a virtualized XP installation. I've installed VM Guest Additions, but I don't how to set up a shared folder.

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Maybe this link could help you:


Although he's using Ubuntu as his host OS but he's using XP as guest OS. It should be the same with Windows 7.

Edit: I just tried it with Windows 7 x64 Ultimate as host OS and Windows XP Pro as guest OS. It's the same as the video. Should install guest additions first (which you already did) before mapping a network drive.

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Here is how.


Start>run>type "net use X: \\vboxsvr\SharedFolderName"

X: is the Drive Letter you want to use, it will create a Network Drive :) displayed under ‘Computer’ where all your Drives are listed

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