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Problem with Hitman Pro.


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Have enjoyed the free program Hitman Pro but now the subscription has run out. When I tried to buy it, I was directed to put in a PayPal number. I don't have PayPal, I don't want PayPal due to costly experience with it, I use a VISA card which I've had for 30 years, and Hitman would not accept it. It seems impossible to contact them, everytime since that I've tried to purchase, it says that my e-mail address is "in use". It looks like Hitman has made it IMPOSSIBLE to buy their (wonderful) product.

Ah, cripes! Doesn't Hitman have an e-mail address where I could contact them and straighten this thing out?

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percival you made your post in the wrong topic. I moved it to software chat where it is more relevant. Hopefully you will get the assistance you require. :rolleyes:

Also, welcome to our forums. :welcome:

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There support email is: [email protected] . I've contacted them in the past and they have been prompt with the replies.

In the case your "email is in use". Have you tried the "forgotten customer ID" option? Maybe you can "recover" it this way?

Hope this helps.

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