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Sladinki007 Closed!


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Forgot to post this.


It was a fun time we had together but due to new priorities in life and less time and money to run these forums am I obliged to stop running the forums.

I am keeping the torrents running on 1 tracker and i will grant access to an upload page for the releasers to continue using this 1 tracker but the forums and with that 2 servers will cease to exist the 1st of February 2007.

I did my best to keep things going but we ain't getting enough income to keep things running and I will move to another country again where i will get less salary....

the actions announcements from the last weeks didn't bring any more money as nobody seemed interested so i paid the last bill out of my own pockets again and i quit.

hope you will find nice other homes in other forums



This sucks. I'm gonna go register at Demonoid now. Anyone got an invite I can use?

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The benifits are 'scene-release' content and high transfer rates.

...The irony is that public-trackers are needed just as much as private, I would say. Due to private-trackers only allowing a file to have 22 days of retentions.

...Another irnoy is that some people say BitTorrent wasn't devolped with retention in mind though the contradiction is that retention is entirely based opon how long a user keeps a file in their shared folder. :)

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The Godfather

Hey guys

I need an invite to demonoid if somebody has an extra one.


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