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Finland makes broadband a legal right


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Finnish government sets minimum broadband speeds at 1Mbps.

The Finnish government has announced that from today all its citizens will enjoy a basic high-speed internet connection as a fundamental right, in much the same way they get post or telecoms services.

In an announcement on the Finnish Ministry of transport and communications site, the government said that from the first of this month all local telecoms providers must offer both home users and business clients " reasonably priced connections".

"From now on, a reasonably priced broadband connection will be everyone’s basic right in Finland. This is one of the government’s most significant achievements in regional policy and I am proud of it," said Suvi Lindén, Finland’s Minister of Communications.

Only those service providers classed as local will be required to provide such services, she explained, adding that the population had more than 26 firms to choose from.

"I hope that people will make use of the opportunity and turn to telecom operators in the area in which they live," she added.

Prices must also be 'reasonable' according to accompanying information released by the government. However, it accedes that tariffs may vary depending on location and the availability of services.

In the UK, citizens could get a standard 2Mbps connection under plans for the new digital economy.

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Nice to hear news from Finland in Finland.

Though I've got a 40/2 Mbit/s connection already for 35 €. I think it's reasonable.

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This should be the case in every country.... in today's world it is a necessity


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Good to hear our government is doing something right (just j/k). Hopefully rest of the world will follow suit and makes things better for everyone.

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