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Slipstreaming Acrobat Pro Extended Updates


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Hi to everyone.

I slipstreamed all Adobe acrobat 9 Pro extended updates up to 9.3.3. It is for sure the ' pro extended version' as it is showing it everywhere except when i click on the - help menu -> about acrobat 9 pro extended, where the pop up window shows - Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard.

I downloaded from Adobe ONLY the Pro extended Updates and I slipstreamed for about 3 times thinking there was an error somewhere. I installed adobe 3 times and the help menu still shows "Standard" edition.

Acrobat just works fine, but it's wired to show Standard edition when it is Pro extended.

does it have to do with slipstreaming? If not can anyone help me with this issue Please?

Thank you

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I found the file responssible for showing the version in -> Help -> about menu:

it's called - splash.dll

i copied it from another Acrobat 9 intallation and paste it in my slipstreamed acrobat folder (overwrite it). Reinstalled, and now it's showing " Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended"


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From Acrobat Pro Extended ---->> Acrobat Pro 9.3.3 Extended is a nine-installation-process. After every installation, one needs to essentially open any .pdf document following which one is prompted to agree to the Adobe EULA. If the installations are carried out without having opened a .pdf file, the installation succeeds but the application doesn't work. This could be the issue that probably happens with slip-streaming all these installation to Acrobat Pro 9.3.3 Extended. :unsure:

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