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Google Pushes HTML5 Development


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HTML5 rocks, Google declared this week. The company launched a developer resource site devoted to HTML5 technologies and is calling it HTML5rocks.com The budding HTML5 specification features multimedia capabilities for the Web and it is being embraced by companies ranging from Google to Microsoft and Apple. HTML5 covers a broad spectrum, said Eric Bidelman of Google Chrome developer relations, in a blog entry.

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"The term 'HTML5' covers so many different topics that developers have a hard time getting up to speed on all of them. Some APIs and features are part of accepted standards while some are still a work in progress," Bidelman said." Additionally, there are a number of great resources out there, but most are still very hard to find. As announced on the chromium.org blog, Google is releasing a new developer resource dedicated to all that is HTML5, HTML5Rocks.com."

The site has been broken up into four main sections: Interactive Presentation, to demonstrate HTML5 features; HTML Playground, for trying out capabilities; Tutorials; and Resources.

HTML5 has been at the center of an ongoing feud between Apple and Adobe, with Apple saying the emergence of HTML5 means Adobe's Flash plug-in technology is no longer necessary.

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