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Firefox 4.0 Beta Close, but Blocker in the Redesigned UI Needs to Be Fixed


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According to the initial estimates from Mozilla, Firefox 4.0 should hit the Beta 1 milestone ahead of the end of June 2010. With less than 10 days to go until the deadline, the browser maker will certainly need to ensure that the development process goes as smooth as possible if early adopters are to get the first Beta milestone of Firefox 4.0. However, at the end of the past week, Mozilla was waiting for two bugs impacting the Beta to be resolved ahead of code freezing the release. One of the blockers is related to the new graphical user interface built for Firefox 4.0.

“We're going to hold the Beta 1 code freeze for a couple of long pole projects, specifically: draw in title bar on Windows and Retained Layers. All developers should be prioritizing bugs marked as beta blockers when working on code or reviews. I hope to have further updates on blockers over the weekend and for Monday. The estimated time of completion for the mentioned bugs is early next week. I'll be following up with developers directly and will comment here when we know more about schedule. Thanks for your continued focus on the upcoming beta milestone. It's gonna be great!” stated Mike Beltzner, Mozilla's director of Firefox.

The best estimates offered indicate that the code freeze for Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 would come at the start of this week. According to Mozilla’s Alex Faaborg, with Firefox 4.0 there are several reasons why the browser version needs to support drawing in the title bar of the application window, or even drawing the actual title bar.

Faaborg noted some of them, “Having a control at the edge of the window frame to set the active Weave account. Drawing a persona throughout all of chrome (including the title bar). In private browsing mode changing the appearance of the theme, including the title bar. Placing tabs slightly into the area of the title bar will help us free up space for the content area.”

Source: Softpedia

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Long waited

hope it will deliver


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Nice, I can't wait for 4.0 Beta 1 :D

I agree with the above statement

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