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Kidnapper of Two kids Can't Live


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Michael Devlin is a pizza manager. He kidnapped two kids and the police were in luck as the idiot criminal used pictures of one of the kids when he was playing Final Fantasy XI online.

Obviously a disturbed person, Michael Devlin had used a picture of one of the kidnapped boys for his GamerTagPic, during a round of Final Fantasy XI where he went by the name "DevilDevlin." This happened on January 11th, little before the kids were rescued and that's how they got him.

Kidnapper Michael Devlin has only one wish now being in prison and that is to play Final Fantasy XI. When someone asked what would have happened if he hadn't been captured (the kidnapper being present), Devlin quickly replied: “I'd be in front of my computer screen playing Final Fantasy XI. I like Final Fantasy because it has a network that can connect to people all over the world, from Europe to Japan.”

Kidnappers and other criminals always miss something and leave a small clue that leads to the victim and eventually to the solving of the case. This guy was so stupid and so addicted to his favorite game that he didn't even take the time to think if anyone would recognize the kid in the picture.

Here's an interesting comment I saw in the comments column- PTTSeven says: "Makes you wonder who's really behind some of these avatars in MMORPGS." And isn't it true?

Now, he sits cool behind bars and he is very, very sad. Not because of what he did, but because he can't play Final Fantasy XI anymore. Criminals are people too you know, they too need some peace and relaxation every once in a while, and this one's was MMO, Final Fantasy XI.

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well now he gets to give bubba his cell mate a not so final fantasy...

maybe he'll hum the theme song for him while he's getting bent over.

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*shakes head* All these child abducters and child molesters need to be shot. Sorry if that sounds too harsh but that's my opinion.

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