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nod32 patch technical questions + ripoff report

Guest folo

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First of all I'd like to thank nsane for the awesome NOD32 trial time buster. =)

After all, changing a couple of registry entries ain't illegal :D

Second, I'd like to have some technical information about the patch if possible.

I've figured out that the patch adds the nod32fix.reg file to the nod32 dir and

adds 3x nod32 schedule entries to the registry making nod32 register the registry

file on user logon and program+definitions update.

But where is the trial time/install date stored? Why does the installer ask for 1.3mb free space? The registry entry and uninstall registry entries shouldn't need that much space. Are you sure no files are replaced? ;)

Third, I just wanted to notify you that an nsane ripoff has been released as a "scene" release:

ESET.NOD32.v2.70.23.WinNT2K2K3XP.Cracked-FYN. Can be found on torrentbytes.

The package contains Nod32 2.70.23 Retail version, your crack with filename renamed to "NOD32.FiX.v2.1.exe" (compared that file to your patch... every single bit identical) and finally a readme file repeating the instructions shown when running your patch.

Your patch works fine even with the retail version. Did you know about that? :lol:

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I think we all know nsane's crack works the best of all at the moment. I also think thats why nsane added the "nsane productions" link in the under left of the program. We can't do very much against the "scene" *coughs* releases.

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