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Trend Micro claims first with virtualised desktop security


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Software load-balances updates to preserve server capacity

Trend Micro claims to have developed the first security software specifically designed for virtualised desktop infrastructures (VDIs).

OfficeScan 10.5 is designed for multiple virtual desktop users but, rather than pushing simultaneous security updates to desktops as a group, the software updates and scans desktops individually to reduce server load.

"The 9am problem is still an issue in VDI environments. Everyone logs on and gets updates so the server load peaks," Joerg Schneider-Simon, global product marketing manager at Trend Micro, told V3.co.uk.

"Some customers are turning security off to ameliorate this. We're absolutely seeing this in VDI environments."

Downloading updates and scanning individual desktops, rather than doing them en masse, reduces the time needed to update an entire VDI network.

A single server can handle up to 100 images, according to Schneider-Simon, compared to around 70 with simultaneous updates.

"You eliminate the resource bottleneck. You won't have the demand, so it goes faster," he said. "The main effect is not bringing VDI hosts to a halt. As of today there is no other solution that does this."

The software is compatible with Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View.

The move to Windows 7 has been a big stimulus to move to virtualised desktop environments, according to Punit Minocha, senior vice president of datacentre and cloud at Trend Micro.

He told V3.co.uk that the sharp interest in VDI was a little unexpected.

"The reasons are twofold. It's become a strategic financial conversation. With the cost benefits of server virtualisation, chief financial officers want the same efficiencies on the desktop," he added.

"Then, with the enterprise refresh cycle for Windows 7, companies are saying that, if they have to upgrade software and hardware anyway, why not try VDI?"

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