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Thermal Compound


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Dear Readers,

I just wanted to make sure about something as I am not really a hardware person and since I ha dto replace my Mobo, I have to get Thermal Compound because I don't have any and I was just wondering as I know most people recommend Arctic Silver 5 but is there a difference between the brand of it as I am wanting to know.. If not I prefer to go somewhere like Comp USA which is only 10 minutes away rather than to Fry's Electronics which is about 30-40 minutes away...

And I checked OfficeDepot/BestBuy (Which are both about 5ish minutes away) but they don't seem to carry Arctic Silver 5.

So my question is if it is labeled Arctic Silver 5 does the Manufacturer matter? As you can see CompUSA is their own whereas at Fry's it is from Arctic Silver.


Edit: Seems to be the same, cept of price difference.

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Hi there

As long as it's exactly the same compound as Artic Silver 5, it should be fine. I use AS5 on all my CPU's and it works extremely well. Pulls down temps around 5 - 7 degrees celsius after it's "run in".


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