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Hackers Wanted


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Here is something interesting ...



This film explores the origin of true hackers vs. today’s computer criminals by following the adventures of Adrian Lamo and other well-intentioned hackers, who found security holes and pointed them out so they might be fixed, only to eventually be arrested. Commonly thought of as computer criminals and vandals, a true hacker is an innovative thinker able to “hack” himself out of a given problem or situation, whether it be computer related or not. Historically, hackers have accounted for mankind’s greatest inventions and discoveries and yet have repeatedly been persecuted for their new ideas by the powerful and fearful. Experts on cyber-terrorism also examine our societal view of the hacker and debate as to whether or not we should recruit and utilize the skills of the helpful hackers to fight future cyber-wars, instead of continuing to punish what we do not understand.

Title : Hackers Wanted

AKA Can You Hack It?

Untitled Hacker Documentary: The ‘Homeless’ Hacker Adrian Lamo

Direction : Sam Bozzo

Writting : Sam Bozzo

Production : Kevin Spacey

Dana Brunetti

Trigger Street Productions

Narration : Kevin Spacey

Length 87 minutes

Featuring :

Adrian Lamo

Kevin Spacey

Leo Laporte

Steve Wozniak

Peter Shipley

Kevin Rose

Dorothy Dennings

Craig Calef

Robert Lyttle

John Draper

Richard Feynman

John Arquilla

Kevin Lee Poulsen

Links :

Rapidshare Link:

site: http://rapidshare.com
sharecode: /files/389759283/Can_You_Hack_It.mp4

Megaupload Link:

site: http://www.megaupload.com
sharecode /?d=EC2SHXP0

Megashares Link:

site: http://d01.megashares.com
sharecode: /dl/8SJ3KSz/Can_You_Hack_It.mp4

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Thank you shajt for the finding. The subject is interesting, hope the film is too. :)  

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thanks shajt ... this documentary looks interesting.

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I watched first five minutes and it looks very good, this guy from the picture was explaining how weak network protection in goverment computers are and his home network protection is huge :)

He thought that CIA, FBi and similiar agencies have very strong security, turned out they have the weakest.

I guess they hired him after he hacked in one of those agencies, not sure because I had to stop watching it but I'll continue later this evening.

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  • Administrator

Thanks. Downloading it. :)

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  • Administrator

I'm having some disconnection problems and I cannot resume on these hosts. If someone can post a torrent.

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well gr8 Documentary some of the facts are mesmerises u

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  • Administrator

Fabulous movie. Really really thanks to shajt for posting it. And special thanks to LeetPirate for helping me download it. :D

This may well help me extremely in my life. ^_^

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