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Winamp pro v.5.572 build 2933


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Code: /dl/43806032/36361ac/Win._5.572_Build_2933.rar.html
Site:  http://hotfile.com

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It was supposed to be a silent 5.572 update/upload with just a couple of installer tweaks, but alas, some 5.58 beta resources accidentally made their way into the build whatsnew.txt, lang packs, gen_jumpex - the latter two which wouldn't work with 5.572 anyway).

2928 is probably quite crashy and I don't recommend anyone should download it.

It (2928) should be replaced by a new 5.572 final build 2933 shortly.

The sooner, the better....

There's no need to download it if you've already got 5.572.

The only differences between 2830 & 2933 will be in the installer.

Some mistakes done. The listing's title at nsane.down has been reverted to 5.572 (from 5.58). Thanks for the update :)

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