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preview incomplete avi files


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I was downloading a movie using uTorrent and I got the 6mb from it's begging and 2mb from the end and around 500mb scattered in the middle yet none of these methods allowed me to preview the movie

- AVI Preview (Crashes)

- VLC (views only the first 6mb part)

- Media Player Classic

I looked for a tool like k-date that will work for torrents download to extract the downloaded data but didn't find anything

is there's a better way to preview this movie? since VLC could preview the first part I assume codec information was available but the problem is the empty (not downloaded) parts in the move

Thanx in advance

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Thanx Zeus_Hunt for the application, looks promising.

I actually get the movie downloaded :( so I couldn't put it in the real test for now

Thanx again for the application

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