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Solid Gold, Diamond-encrusted IPad for the Truly 'elite'


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he iPad's been out for a while now, and with more than a million sold, owning an iPad no longer makes you the envy of your block. So how does one attract the tech-envy of one's friends and neighbors now? Well, an iPad that costs as much as a house is a good start.

The iPad Supreme Edition, designed and crafted by Katherine Hughes, is a Wi-Fi + 3G, 64 GB iPad made of solid gold and encrusted with 25.5 karats of 'I'F' flawless diamonds. The rear case and bezel is made from a single piece of solid 22-karat gold and, on the back, the Apple logo is bedazzled with 53 individually set gems. The cost? A cool £129,995, or approximately $192,000.

Lavish enough for you? Better get it quick, because only ten of these units are to be made, and if you're going to spend $192,000 on technology that will by nature be obsolete in a year or so, you'd best grab it at the beginning of its life cycle for maximum longevity--upgrades aren't cheap in the gold-meets-tech market.

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